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Allen’s Largest Corporations

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Many people are still considering the city of Allen, a bedroom city: a sleepy place where nothing important is happening. Today, I decided to take a look at the largest corporations that can be found in Allen.

  1. SVE Technology Group Inc – Mobile phone repair/refurbishment. 900 employees.
  2. Experian Information Solutions – Data and call center for credit bureau. 865 employees
  3. Frontier Communications – Telecommunications. 850 employees
  4. Jack Henry & Associates Inc. – Information technology provider for financial services. 600 employees
  5. Andrew’s Distributing – Beverage distributor. 400 employees
  6. PFSWeb – Online marketing and sales solutions. 340 employees
  7. Watchguard Video – Surveillance and police in-car camera manufacturing. 215 employees
  8. MonkeySports Inc. – Online retailer of sports equipment. 200 employees
  9. Kone Inc. – Elevator and escalator company. 200 employees
  10. Homeland Healthcare – Health insurance agency. 185 employees

There are a multitude of other small companies with under 150 employees, and some big companies with smaller presence in Allen. Thinking that population is Allen, has been 92,020 as per 2013 census, I think that we are doing just fine.

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