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Collin McKinney

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Bits of Collin County and McKinney History

Collin County and its county seat are named for the same person: Collin McKinney. McKinney was chosen to be one of the five delegates from the Red River colony to the Convention of 1836, that called for Texas to declare independence from Mexico. He was one of the five man appointed to draft the Texas Declaration of Independence, and at 70 years of age, he was the oldest to sign it.

By the time of his death in 1861 at the age of 95, Collin McKinney had lived under the flags of seven different nations. Collin McKinney has been born on April 17, 1766.

McKinney is credited with suggesting to the Texas Legislature that, as new counties were later created in North and West Texas, the boundaries should be about 30 miles square. This would allow a rider to travel to the county seat, conduct necessary business, and return home, all in one day.

Collin County 

Collin County has been founded in 1846 and has an area of 866 sq miles (2,295 sq km). Has a population of 914,127 people (Census 2015), and most likely will reach a million people in 2016. In 1850 county population was only 1,950 people.  By the year 1900 there have been 50,087 people living here. In 2,000 Collin County has a population of 491,675.

In Collin County 2,634 homes are available for sale today with sale prices between $63,000 and $12,750,000. From the beginning of the year, 8,174 homes have been sold

McKinney, Collin County – Texas

McKinney has been incorporated in 1859, on the 120 acres donated by William Davis in 1849. Population in 1850 was 315. By the 1900, McKinney had a population of 4,342. By the latest Census estimate in 2015, McKinney has 162,898 people living within the city . From the 120 acres, more areas have been incorporated. Now, McKinney covers a wide area from Custer Rd at the West to McKinney Airport to the East. From State Highway 121 at South  to Roland Rd at North.

New communities are expanding everywhere. At this time there are 621 homes for sale and 449 homes in different stages of contract. Since the beginning of this year until today 1994 homes have been sold with a median sale price of $294,375.

All MLS data as of 07/28/2016.

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