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Metroplex business directory is based on personal connection with business people from our area. Of course, we like to offer more space to business from Collin and Dallas Counties, just because we are situated in Allen.

This is not just a compiled list of names: we personally met each business owner or representative. Everybody is a real person that lives and work in the Dallas Metroplex.

XOOM Energy
Robert Griffin
Energy broker

Bulletproof Mindset
Robert Griffin

J & F Repair Services, Inc
Small Engine Repair
Frank Sanchez – President
1855 Wall Street, Suite B
Garland, TX 75041

Garage Door Service
Karen Fussell
Commercial Sales
Office: 972-822-7990
Direct: 469-576-8679

Radical Insurance Agency LLC
Jean Chastain
Tel: 214-418-4738

Jeff Berven
Business Performance Advisor
Office: 214-622-4963

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