Selling Homes In Murphy

Sell Your Home in Murphy, Texas:

The Easy Way

When the time comes to sell your home in Murphy, there are a multitude of options. From offers to buy your house for cash to options to sell it by owner. Which option will be good for you?


Sometimes, getting the cash and moving out right away, is all that a seller wants. Perhaps for sale by owner, the celebrated FSBO could make more sense to save on commission! By going For Sale By Owner,  you will become an immediate target too all Realtors and bargain hunters trying to get a house under the market value. As a home seller, you can do anything you want. In fact, that is your money.



To keep everything as simple as possible, here at Nord Realty – your Murphy real estate company – as a home seller, you will receive the assistance that you will need to sell your Murphy house for top dollars. And, also very important for you as a home seller: to keep most of the money resulted from the sale!

You will receive professional real estate services, and keep as much as possible from the sale! Here is the special offer for Murphy residents:

3.75% Commission Paid At Closing By The Seller


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