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Things that you might not know about Dallas – Forth Worth and Texas

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Texas is Big

State of TexasIF the entire 7 billion population of the world moved to Texas, there would be 1,100 square feet of space for every man, woman and child on the planet. That’s more space than what New York City dwellers are already used to.

If Texas were a country, it would be the 14th largest economy in the world (as ranked by GDP). If Texas were a nation it would rank the 6th oil producer in the world, exceeding 3 million barrels of oil production a day.

Texas is 268,820 square miles; that is 7.4% of the nation. It’s bigger than New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois… COMBINED!

The current population of Texas is 27 million, not including 16 million cattle.

With over 130 million acres of farmland, Texas has more than double the total amount of farmland of any other state.

Dallas-Fort Worth metro area has larger population than 33 US states.

Texas is the only state with its power grid.

Things that you might not known about Dallas – Forth Worth


  • The first convenience store in the nation was opened in Dallas – Fort Worth in 1920s.  The one small store became the global corporation known as 7-Eleven.
  • Resident Don Wetzel invented the ATM
  • The frozen margarita machine was invented by Dallas – Fort Worth restaurateur Mariano Martinez.
  • The first integrated circuit – what one day will become the microchip – was invented by Jack Kirby at Texas Instruments in 1958
  • With over 7 million residents, Dallas – Fort Worth is the fourth largest metro in the US, behind the New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • The Dallas – Fort Worth area encompasses 9,286 square miles, making it larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined.
  • The Metroplex is home to more restaurants per capita than New York City

Real Estate

This year’s total dollar volume remains at a historical high with July reflecting:

  • 10,546 Single Family
  • 636 Condos
  • 96 Ranch & Farms
  • 55 Multifamily
  • 692 MultiFamily
  • 692 Lots & Land
  • 3,764 Rentals


Facts and data based on the Forbes, Newsweek, Wikipedia, Dallas Magazine, Fidelity National Title, other sources.
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