Selling a house in Collin County


Why Sell With Us?

Good question! We are responsible, knowledgeable about the area, about the market. We are seeing over 1,000 homes, condos, townhouses every year all over the Metroplex.


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Marketing Your Home

Selling a home takes a well thought out game plan. We have just that ready to list your home.

Price, condition and location will always remain the most important factors in selling your home, but what about these other considerations?  Why are you selling your home?  How do you determine the best price?  What kind of repairs or improvements is necessary and which of those would help bring the best offer and the highest price? What does your competition in the market look like and how does your property compare? How many are for sale or have sold recently in the neighborhood? How long should you expect to find the right buyer? What are the costs of selling your home? These are all great questions to ask your experienced Nord Realty agent and exactly why you will hire a Nord Realty agent to sell your home.

Hiring a Nord Realty agent can actually save you time, money, and a lot of stress. The experience of a professional will ease your mind as they take care of all the marketing, paperwork, negotiations and details required to sell your home. Not only will they sell your home but they can do it for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Nord Realty  agents understand that when using a proven plan and innovative marketing tools they are able to leverage a great real estate market and deliver results when selling your home.

At Nord Realty you’ll find that our Realtors are some of the most experienced professionals in our market. We  have current knowledge of the latest market conditions and trends. We lead with a focus on you; to understand your unique needs and lifestyle and make it our goal to meet and exceed your expectations.

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What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more. Find the value of your house, right here, right NOW: Find my home worth!

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Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Are there any closing costs that sellers should be aware of?

Once seller and buyer agrees and sign a contract, escrow will be opened with a title/escrow company or attorney. During this time, title company collects all documents necessary from seller and buyer, follow-up with the buyer lender, verify the payout for the seller loan and other liens, verify title of the property and make sure that seller has clear title for to the buyer.

Last phase when you sell your home is closing! Finally, that day comes when seller is signing all documents and receive the proceeds of the sale.There few costs paid by the seller at closing. Here are few expenses for which seller must be prepared:

  • Title policy insurance – cost varies based on the value of the house.
  • Property taxes, prorated until the closing day, could be substantial.
  • Closing fee to title company, $400 to $600
  • Deed fee
  • Recording fee
  • Home warranty – buyers most likely will request that
  • Survey – buyers are requesting to be provided or paid for a new by the seller
  • Concession to buyer



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